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Learn more about the breadth and quality of Humankind's work across communities in the North of England. Watch some useful videos, and download useful resources. Use the filter below to find resources for you.

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Buprenorphine briefing paper for Humankind substance misuse service commissioners, stakeholders.

Humankind would like to discuss ways to reduce these costs while at the same time maintaining our high standards of safety and patient choice. This could involve a more flexible approach to our formulary with short term changes to medications offered.


Invitation to a meeting to discuss long acting Buprenorphine preparation, Buvidal. February 2019

Humankind Medical Director, Dr Roya Vaziri invites commissioners, partners and other stakeholders to a meeting to discuss Buvidal. This is to be held on February, 2019, sponsored by Camurus.

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Academy for Justice Commissioning Bulletin highlights Humankind-led WY-FI project collaboration

"...NHS England then sought advice on accessing the patient voice from WY-FI (West Yorkshire Finding Independence) – a third sector partnership of organisations (lead organisation: [Humankind]) and funded by the Big Lottery Fund who are experienced in involving ‘experts by experience’..." read report, p6.

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Humankind Outcomes 2012 to September 2015

Between January 2012 and September, 2015, a total of 376 families have left Humankind’s family support services. See statistics on outcomes for families and individuals.

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North Yorkshire Horizons Report

Liverpool John Moores University published an independent report on the North Yorkshire Horizons Adult Drug & Alcohol Service in December 2016. It's a detailed report that has some really positive things to say about the service model used and the participation of Peer Mentors.

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CQC Inspection Report 2016

CQC Inspection Report 2016

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Ofsted Best Practice Report: Preparing vulnerable young people for employment – Humankind

The best practice report says: “The success of the programme is a reflection of the high levels of personal support from Humankind (DISC) staff and a curriculum that incorporates high quality work experience.”


WY-FI Conference 2016 – From Theory to Practice

Our vision is that by 2020 adults with multiple needs in West Yorkshire should have the opportunity of a settled home, positive health and wellbeing, access to education and employment, and trust in a positive future.

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Transgender service user Cauley

Cauley says: "I'd say if you're transgender and you're having any issues or you'd like some support, then Humankind (formerly DISC) is a really good place to go for that support..."

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Support for all at our North Yorkshire Horizons service

Debby speaks about the support her partner and she received at our North Yorkshire Horizons Service. See our North Yorkshire Horizons videos.

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Our GOALs project for people with learning disabilities

For over 20 years, Humankind's GOALs project has provided life enriching support services across County Durham for adults with learning disabilities. See our GOALs videos.

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Ofsted published report, 2015

Ofsted say Humankind (formerly DISC) is an Outstanding learning provider: "This provider is outstanding because: Learners develop excellent personal, social and employability skills. They make significant progress towards becoming self-assured, confident and courteous and better prepared for life and work."

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Tips for Safer Seasonal Drinking

The drink can flow freely throughout the festive period. It’s tempting to enjoy yourself, knowing that you have an extended break to relax and switch off. But, it’s easy to drink too much. Children might see their parents behave differently from usual due to having too much – which can be upsetting. It can lead to family arguments, or accidents in the home. People try and do things they might ordinarily not do. It can lower inhibitions which may cause people to say or do something they regret later on.


Keep Calm at Christmas - Mental Wellbeing at Christmas

Keep Calm at Christmas - Mental Wellbeing at Christmas